11 SEP 15 – Huge 2 Collection Card Buy (Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokemon, & MTG)

Happy birthday to me. I just made two huge collection buys today.


The first collection came in this janky cracked plastic crafts box.


Found a starter deck and a few old cards. Nothing crazy. Just some filler stuff for the burner pile.


Here is the extra junk included, yay for more packaging material and business card backs.

There were a ton of really crappy condition Yu-Gi-Oh! cards, some of which are too damaged to sell. A few good cards, nothing of great value. I’m not sure if there was even a super rare in the lot, rare and common only. The top pile are the ones I know are fake (more packaging material and business card backs). Pretty junky.


Here is where the money is! Lots of old Pokemon cards, like 1st edition rares! The top stack is all energy, which I can offload pretty quick as a bundle.


The real gem from this is the three cards lodged on the bottom of the box. The promos and holo rares.

The next collection came in some creative packaging…

Open it up and it’s full of Magic cards!


Lots and lots of old cards, and even some World’s event deck cards. Oldest I could tell was Chronicles. Some great rares were in here! Check it out.


What them Birds of paradise do?


Some pretty good lands.

Overall I’m happy with my birthday evening spent in the parking lot of the mall searching through dirty boxes of cards.

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