Chris Chan’s Pokemon Collection – Profit Potential – Page 3

This is the page I found the memory card. I reformatted the ongoing spreadsheet for tracking the profit. On the position inventory table, if there is nothing that means it was a card behind the front facing card (Example: the Dark Arbok behind the Memory Dark Arbok)

3A1 Alakazam Legendary Holo MP $2.76
3A2 Ampharos Neo Genesis Holo LP $3.14
3A3 Ampharos Neo Revelation Holo NM $5.99
3B1 Dark Ampharos Neo Destiny Holo MP $5.84
3B2 Dark Arbok Team Rocket Holo NM $0.94
3B3 Dark Arbok (Memory Card) Team Rocket Rare NM ???
Dark Arbok Team Rocket Rare NM $0.60
3C1 Koga’s Arbok Gym Challenge Rare NM $0.99
3C2 Blaine’s Arcanine Gym Challenge Holo NM $8.25
Cost -505.15
Page 1 Appraisal $25.16
Page 2 Appraisal $21.70
Page 3 Appraisal $28.51
Total Inventory $75.37
Current Profit Potential -$429.78

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