Chris Chan’s Pokemon Collection – Profit Potential – Page 5

The cards on this page were in great condition. I’m going to make a prediction that the average page value will be around $25. This one is a little above value. Nice quality Articunos, look untouched.

5A1 Dark Ariados Neo Destiny 1st Rare NM $1.99
Dark Ariados Neo Destiny Rare NM $0.99
5A2 Articuno Fossil Holo NM $5.99
5A3 Articuno Fossil Rare MP $1.07
5B1 Articuno Legendary Holo NM 9.99
5B2 Azumarill Neo Genesis Holo NM $4.39
5B3 Light Azumarill Neo Destiny Holo MP $1.84
5C2 Beedrill Base 2 Rare NM $0.59
5C3 Koga’s Beedrill Gym Challenge Holo NM $8.38
Cost -505.15
Page 1 Appraisal $25.16
Page 2 Appraisal $21.70
Page 3 Appraisal $28.51
Page 4 Appraisal $12.11
Page 5 Appraisal $35.23
Total Inventory $122.71
Current Profit Potential -$382.44

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