Chris Chan’s Pokemon Collection – Profit Potential – Page 7

This page was amazing! The Blastoises were worth a bunch. We are getting close to $200 inventory. This page was worth more than double my expected average per page. These holos are in great condition, this seems to be a trend. Most cards are NM so far. This collection seems to be mostly pack to binder.

7A1 Beedrill Neo Destiny Rare NM $1.48
7A2 Beedrill Legendary Rare LP $0.65
7B2 Blastoise Base 2 Holo LP $13.99
7B3 Dark Blastoise Team Rocket Holo NM $11.94
7C1 Dark Blastoise Team Rocket Rare NM $1.92
Dark Blastoise Team Rocket 1st Rare NM $3.50
7C2 Dark Blastoise Legendary Holo NM $15.00
7C3 Dark Blastoise WotC Legendary Rare NM $8.99
Cost -505.15
Page 1 – 5 Appraisal 121.71
Page 6 Appraisal $13.59
Page 7 Appraisal $57.47
Total Inventory 192.77
Current Profit Potential -312.38

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