Chris Chan’s Pokemon Collection – Profit Potential – Page 17

That’s what I’m talking about! >$70 page! Halo Dragonites are where it’s at. Over >$150 in potential profit from inventory. I wish every page was like this one. It’s really strange how more expensive the holos are from the second wave of expansion sets. The fade must have wavered a bit during that era or the print runs were lower. Anyone know? Team rocket and some Neo rares are real expensive compared to base set. Jungle and Fossil holos must have been printed to hell, they are so common.

17A2 Light Dragonair Neo Destiny Rare NM $4.47
17B1 Dragonite Fossil Rare MP $1.88
17B2 Dark Dragonite Team Rocket Holo NM $9.98
17B3 Dark Dragonite Team Rocket Rare NM $0.99
17C1 Light Dragonair Neo Destiny Holo NM $24.75
17C2 Dark Dragonite Legendary Holo NM $29.99
17C3 Dugtrio Base Rare LP $0.74
Cost -$505.15
Page 1 – 16 Appraisal $586.57
Page 17 Appraisal $72.80
Total Inventory $659.37
Current Profit Potential $154.22
Average Page Appraisal $38.79

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