Chris Chan’s Pokemon Collection – Profit Potential – Page 22

Here comes the reverse holo legendary’s to rescue my average page value. Just kidding, we are getting dangerously close to going under $30 average page price. Less than $25 from hitting $200 in profit potential.

22A1 Electrode Jungle Rare NM $0.66
22A3 Electrode Jungle Holo LP $2.14
Electrode Jungle Holo MP $1.16
Electrode Jungle Holo NM $3.95
22B1 Elekid Neo Genesis Rare NM $0.66
22B2 Electrode Legendary Reverse Holo LP $7.00
Electrode Legendary Rare NM $0.76
22B3 Electrode Base 2 Rare LP $0.50
Electrode Base 2 Rare NM $0.59
Cost -$505.15
Page 1 – 21 Appraisal $664.14
Page 22 Appraisal $17.42
Total Inventory $681.56
Current Profit Potential $176.41
Average Page Appraisal $30.98

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