Chris Chan’s Pokemon Collection – Profit Potential – Page 25

Over $65 in cards. Holos on this page are worth bank. Now over $900 in inventory and over $400 in potential profit. I’m going for feel real good when this is double the value I paid for it. Probably in just a few more pages.

25A1 Flareon Jungle Rare NM $1.60
25A2 Flareon Legendary Holo LP $25.00
25A3 Forretress Neo Discovery Holo NM $9.99
25B1 Forretress Neo Discovery Rare MP $0.91
25B2 Gengar Fossil Holo NM $11.99
25B3 Gengar Fossil Rare NM $1.89
25C1 Sabrina’s Gengar Gym Heroes Holo NM $11.25
25C2 Sabrina’s Gengar Gym Challenge Rare NM $4.97
Cost -$505.15
Page 1 – 24 Appraisal $844.94
Page 25 Appraisal $67.60
Total Inventory $912.54
Current Profit Potential $407.39
Average Page Appraisal $36.50

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