Cracking a Booster Pack – Dominaria (Draft Prize Pack 2)

This pack was great, I got a Verix Bladewing . This is a bomb in draft, I think a great tempo card for standard or any format. You can’t beat a 4/4 flying for 4! also an extra ability that could sway the game in your favor late game. Behind on turn 7? No problem, draw Verix and play two 4/4 fliers and swing to win on turn 8!

I have been getting crazy lucky with the foil pulls. Just about every pack I’ve opened of Dominaria has had a foil in it. Have they increased the foil count or am I just on a lucky streak. I think two of my three packs in draft had a foil in them as well. I pulled another Rat Colony as well, I swear I’m going to make a rat deck if I can get 20 of them!

Note from Author

I have run out of Dominaria packs. I will likely upload older pack openings or open some old packs and make new recordings for future videos until I draft again.

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