Just sold a Charizard card for $250!

I just went on a road trip and bought a pricey Pokemon Collection. The cards were mostly in bad condition and there wasn’t very many in the box. The pages were messed up in the binder and ultimately needed to be tossed. The listing on the Letgo app was only active for 10 minutes before I jumped on it. When my business goes positive I immediately go buy more stock. I find cards on Ebay when I’m lazy, Facebook because I don’t want to open another tab when “socializing” online, or Letgo app & craigslist when I can’t find anything easily. The second I zoomed in on one picture I knew this collection was undervalued. I saw a perfect condition shadowless Charizard…. I listed it as soon as I got home, it sold for $250 in about 4 minutes.

This picture does not do justice to the card. It is in near mint condition, like probably a 8.5-9 if sent to get graded by PSA. It’s in a grungy hard plastic toploader and makes it look bad here. I got this in a toploader ASAP and that was the one on the desk.

There was also a shadowed Charizard, but in crappy condition. These are all the bad condition cards that made the cut to get listed (at least $0.25).

Here are some Japanese Pokemon cards I needed to list before this buy. Everything is near mint and on TCGPlayer right now. Most of these are leftovers from a colelction I bought a year ago. It’s a pain to list Japanese cards. It’s hard to find stock pictures, and even harder to appraise correctly. So they tend to sit in my stock a long time.

Here are the light play cards I listed with a few of the leftover Japanese cards slotted in. Every card has a small ding here or a small scratch to the foil. Mostly un noticable unless you are a huge card grade snob. I am really strict with grading, because I had refunding orders. So most of my LP stuff is really NM by most people’s standards.

Here are the near mint cards I listed. I found a ton of 1st editions! So much value for what I spent. About half the colelction was near mint, which is pretty bad. I had to really dig to find the gems.

I also listed a few more low cost Dominaria cards I had sitting around. Most of these cards are cards I drafted! As always, all cards are for sale on TCGPlayer but I will accept any form of cryptocurrency offers for anything on our store!

Note from Author

More videos, draft decks, and pictures of my buys to come soon! Thank you for everyone using my Minecraft server. I paid all the active players yesterday! I am paying people in SBD to play minecraft! Check it out here


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