Magic the Gathering – Unhinged Draft Deck – (Willing Hosts)(Mono-Green)

One of my buddies recently bought a full box of the joke set Unhinged. We have a group that meets on Saturdays for “free Drafts”, basically someone provides the packs and gets all the cards at the end. This way no one rare drafts. I never got a chance to draft this set when it came out because I was working too much at that time. I was super excited to draft this set. (Click the images to enlarge them)

The deck I created was very basic. I managed to grab so many good green cards I made a mono-color deck. I probably could have splashed Red or White, but it seemed dumb to add another color just for 3-4 cards. This deck was inspired by the cards I got in the unofficial league that we ran at my LGS Forgotten Path Games.

The core of the deck was the “Host” and “augment” cards. The mechanic is hilarious. There are creatures that are hosts, cards with a cut-in-half look. They have two-word names like “Eager Beaver”. Then an augment aura can be placed on the side of them, covering half the card. Example; Play Eager Beaver. Then Play Robo-. You now have a Robo-Beaver. This card mechanic is very powerful if there is no removal. Although is there is removal, the opponent basically removes two of your cards from the game for one. I was bummed I didn’t grab the second “Really epic punch” that was moving around the table.

The other mechanic of this deck was centered around the 4 Willing Test Subjects I got. I had two Mad Science Fair Projects that let me roll each turn to possibly make the Test Subjects get bigger each turn. The ground pounders allow another cheap way to possibly make Test Subjects get big, and they can swing for up to 8/8 Trample. The amazing thing about the card is that its ability can be done as many times as you have mana! I swung with a 12/12 Trample Ground Pounder once!

Overall this deck was amazing. I won nearly every match that I didn’t get mana screwed. It felt like I was playing a constructed deck because I had so many multiples. I think Grown Pounder and Winging test subject are broken as hell. I did see a creature with infinite power and I won a match because a buddy brought a 2/2 with haste in my game randomly. So, it makes no sense to complain about balance in an obvious joke set. Everyone should experience drafting Unstable before the packs are hard to find. It is the most fun set to draft in years.

Note from Author

I am finally done with school. I’m officially in Summer break. So expect many new posts. I have a lot of backlogged material to upload!

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