World of Warcraft TCG – Dark Portal Commons

Here are the second to the last lot I have of commons from the huge World of Warcraft lot I bought from @steembay. I have been putting off sorting the Fires of the Outlands commons I have, because there are over 600 of them! The next post it likely to have a lot of pictures. All of my WOW singles are on TCGPlayer in the link below if you are interested. Every single common is only $0.25!

Note from Author

I’m filming more pack openings that are a little more energetic and exciting. Sorry for the experimental short upload yesterday. I am really pleased with how well Dlive works compared to Dtube. The videos actually load on all browsers I have tried. The uplaod process is much more simple, except that they only accept .mp4 files and not .mov. I will have to start filming with an android instead of an iphone. More coming soon.

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