Cabal Coffers Steem presence update

I’m sorry, I haven’t posted on here in over 2 months… There are a combination of reasons.

I started having a lot of fun streaming trading card game on DLive, then they dropped Steem support. I tried to figure out how to re-adjust to the new system and just couldn’t. DLive lost ALL of my livestreams. I was starting to pick up watchers and then it just ended. I tried to go to Twitch, but I just didn’t like it. I tried going to Youtube and it also sucked. I would like to stream trading card game, but I can’t find a platform yet.

I tried to keep track of my minecraft server, but I have become too busy to deal with fixing it every week. It is really fun to have the server, but the updates break my mods almost weekly and it became too much to handle. I’m sorry to the dedicated 4-5 people that used the server, but that experiment is dead. I’m glad a bunch of people made some steem playing my server.

I have not played Magic the Gathering in paper form in over 3 months. Wizards of the Coast is slowly ruining the game with their business practices and politics. I can’t stand the environment or the direction the game is going. The value of the cards is dropping fast as people abandon the game. I love MTG and I always will, but modern MTG is toxic.

I will try to get back into the swing of things by posting store information and hopefully new articles soon.


 DogeCoin – DF8TAzAzV7xhvvS6Hr3Zg9Se12PNQrk6s2

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